Camera Nazionale Fashion Designer


The CNGFD is a trade association to protect the fashion industry free from party politics and totally devoted to the function of representing the collective interests of members.

The CNGFD, primarily aims to represent and protect in union and political the highest values of fashion, art in the broad sense and in all its modes of manifestation, as well as the Italian style, in order to protect, coordinate, spread, control and enhance the image of Italian fashion and art both in Italy and abroad; promotes the development of fashion and art through the organization of fashion shows and fashion events in Italy and abroad.

In an ever-changing economic and social scenario, the CNGFD is a reality capable of meeting the challenges of the future of the world of work.

At the forefront, launched in a national and international dimension, it looks at innovation, digitalization, productivity and environmental sustainability as conditions capable of generating economic development beneficial to the community.

Camera Nazionale Fashion Designer

How To Subscribe

CNGFD can be registered to all those who fall within the "Fashion, Art, Entertainment" sectors who request it, membership must be submitted in writing in the following ways:

Download the form

Once the form has been downloaded, please fill in, sign, scan and send to the following E-mail:

The Association: "Camera Nazionale Giovani Fashion Designer", abbreviated as "CNGFD", is nonprofit, apolitical, nonpartisan and nondenominational...

Via Angelo Bargoni, 78 - 00153 Roma (Trastevere)
Phone: 06 877 803 93