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The Association: "National Chamber of Young Fashion Designers", in acronym "CNGFD", is not for profit, is apolitical, non-partisan and non-denominational.

It primarily aims to represent and protect the fashion and art sector in trade unions and politics, aiming to:

  • Represent the highest values of fashion, art in a broad sense and in all its modes of manifestation, as well as the Italian style, in order to protect, coordinate, spread, control and enhance the image of Italian fashion and art both in Italy and abroad.
  • To protect the legitimate interests of the industry and, where appropriate, of individual members.
  • Interact as trade union interlocutor with Public Institutions (Parliament, Government, social security institutions, Local Authorities and in general all bodies of the Public Administration) in matters within their competence.
  • Proposing the enactment of laws and/or regulations with a view to enhancing the role and needs of the fashion sector and safeguarding the interests of the category represented.
  • Participate in the stipulation of contracts and collective labor agreements, both at national and territorial and/or 2nd level level.
  • Becoming a member of participatory bodies envisaged by law and/or collective agreements, both national and local, participating, in particular, in the conciliation commissions existing at the provincial labor directorates, as well as those set up by the trade unions.
  • Coordinate the energies of natural and/or legal persons mainly Italian, but also of other nationalities, who, by virtue of their particular qualification and/or competence and/or social position, can and want to make an effective contribution to the development, increase and to the best knowledge of Italian art, customs, style and fashion, also through the comparison with the customs, style and fashion of other countries.
  • Represent the associates in relations with the Institutions, Administrations with the Economic, Political, Cultural and Social Organizations and with any other component of the company in Italy and abroad.
  • Collaborate with public and private bodies having similar interests and purposes with the aim of promoting the process, expansion, knowledge, exchanges and anything else deemed useful for the strengthening of the sector.
  • Be a reference point and privileged interlocutor for regional, national and international initiatives that have to do with style, customs and fashion.
  • Promote research and experimentation in the various areas of interest of the corporate purpose. To achieve these objectives, the Association promotes the development of fashion and art through the organization of fashion shows and events in Italy and abroad, conferences, congresses and exhibitions in general, film and television productions and post-productions, on printed paper, mass media relating to any form of dissemination of culture and art. All through the adoption of every initiative aimed at better understanding of the problems concerning the sectors concerned.
  • Draw up, if deemed appropriate, programmes, reports and publications for the promotion of fashion and art; as well as preparing registers of qualified subjects who carry out the activities covered by the associative link.
  • Carry out, promote or sponsor conferences, conventions and professional and advanced training courses for the preparation of young people to practice various professions in the fashion and art sector.
  • Provide assistance and advice, if required, to operators in the sector.
  • Identify and find, through specialised surveys and privileged agreements, the financial instruments suitable for the implementation of the initiatives listed above.
  • Promote or give its patronage for the establishment of a Permanent Museums of fashion and art in the cities of Calabria and other Italian regions.
  • Enter into agreements for radio and television programmes with public or private broadcasters, for press communications, advertising and public relations services.
  • All through a press office that can be established at the Association and/ or through other internal or external organizations, as decided by the Board of Directors.
  • To coordinate the collaboration with the Italian and foreign regions, provinces, municipalities, public and private bodies, business associations, in the interest of the members and in particular with the bodies responsible for the protection and dissemination of style, of costume, Italian fashion and culture.
  • Create permanent relationships with schools and universities, both Italian and foreign, to promote study and research projects on style, costume, art and fashion.
  • Adopt regulations in which, in accordance with the institutional aims of the Association, directives are contained for the activities of the Association and of individual members or bodies within it.
  • To carry out economic activities in the field of the subjects listed above, with the essential exclusion of subjective lucrative purposes for the members.
  • Promote and carry out any other activity of any nature related to the achievement of its purposes or deemed useful by the Shareholders' Meeting or by the Boards of Directors.

In order to achieve its objectives, the Association may conclude agreements and collaborations with third parties external to its organization, whether natural or legal persons, who will act as technical, managerial, administrative, training aid for matters of interest to the Association; the stipulation of any agreements is the exclusive competence of the President of the Association.

In order to achieve its statutory purposes, the Association, without prejudice to the non-profit aim, may carry out any movable and immovable economic activity, including the sale and purchase of registered movable and immovable property as well as the establishment and/or participation in companies of services in the field of training, education and career guidance.

Finally, the Association can join public and/or private, national and/or international bodies and organizations, whose purposes are compatible with the purposes of the Association.

The Association: "Camera Nazionale Giovani Fashion Designer", abbreviated as "CNGFD", is nonprofit, apolitical, nonpartisan and nondenominational...

Via Angelo Bargoni, 78 - 00153 Roma (Trastevere)
Phone: 06 877 803 93