Testimonial Award


Testimonial Award CNGFD

Awarded to artists who have distinguished themselves, in their sector, for outstanding merit, with an artistic career dotted with successes and human and professional satisfactions, which place them at the top of the national cultural panorama.

Giuseppe Zeno (Actor)
Giulia Michelini (Actress)
Enzo Miccio (Wedding Planner and Fashion Designer)
Alex Belli (Actor)
Daniela Fazzolari (Actress)
Stefano De Martino (Showman)
Renato Ardovino (Cake Designer)
Laura Torrisi (Actress)
Massimiliano Morra (Actor)
Giulio Berruti (Actor)
Roberto Farnesi (Actor)
Anna Falchi (Actress/Host)

The Association: "Camera Nazionale Giovani Fashion Designer", abbreviated as "CNGFD", is nonprofit, apolitical, nonpartisan and nondenominational...

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